Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and create apps that are safe for children.  We hope the following will explain what our apps do and do not include, but if you still have questions about privacy, please feel free to email us at

  • Our apps do not collect personal information of any kind.
  • Our apps do not ask you for any information.
  • Our apps do not contain tracking devices.
  • Our apps do not contain ads.
  • No companies are collecting data through our apps.
  • Some of our Lite apps contain an “Other Games” button that connects to our other games in the app store.
  • In the Free, Lite versions of our apps, the user is eventually asked if they are interested in purchasing the full version.  A “yes” button connects to the full version at the app store. For our preschool app, Fairy Math Lite, this button requires a 3 second hold to access an additional screen that asks the question again before linking to the app store.
  • Spin-A-Face allows the user to send the created image using apps already on the user’s device, such as email, facebook and twitter.

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