Bugaboo Math Games For Kids!

Bugaboo Math Flash Cards

icon114x114Watch the jumping bug wave its antennas and laugh as you solve flashcards!  Get stickers for correct answers! This flashcard game is a fun way for kids to learn math facts.  Through sound and animation, kids are encouraged to keep solving problems.  The game is customizable: you choose the numbers and the type of problem (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  For example, the beginner can start with addition and the 1’s to see problems like 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, but the advanced student can work with the numbers 9 through 12.  If all the problems in the set are completed perfectly, watch the starburst of  fireworks!  This is an exciting and fun way for kids to learn math facts! A Lite version is available through Amazon and Google play which offers a trial version using digits 1-4 for addition and multiplication only.

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