Butterfly Math


Catch the butterflies before they fly away! Your kids will want to practice their math facts with colorful butterflies that flutter while they quickly solve the math problem before time runs out. Fast-paced bonus rounds are a great incentive to keep playing so they catch more butterflies for points–but beware of the buzzing bees who want to end the fun!! This app contains 3 levels of difficulty and covers math tables 1-12 (depending on the level of difficulty). Use for improving fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Learning math is fun….and beautiful!



Awards and Reviews

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“Balefire Labs is built solely upon our commitment to enhancing children’s education, and we are pleased to see apps like Butterfly Math satisfy our rating criteria,” — Karen L. Mahon, Ed.D., president and founder, Balefire Labs


“This is an outstanding app for any child working toward greater automaticity with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts.” – Famigo

“I think this is a nice combination of game and skill. Kids will really like the catch the butterfly “reward” game that adds onto your score.” – A Matter of App


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