Practice Math with Baseball Stats!

Do you know a child who loves baseball? Combine math with their love of baseball for some great summer math practice!   There is a lot of math associated with baseball statistics, so have your child figure out the stats on their favorite players!  Here are some ideas:

Earned Run Average (ERA):  This common pitching stat is found by the number of earned runs x 9 divided by the total innings pitched. For example, the pitcher allowed 67 runs in 220 innings, 67 x 9 = 603.  603/220 = 2.74 ERA

Batting Average:  Number of base hits divided by total at bats

On Base Percentage (OBP):  Total hits + bases reached on balls (walks) + bases reached by hit by pitch divided by total at bats +  bases reached on balls + bases reached by hit by pitch + sacrifice flies. Wow, here’s an example:

420 at bats, 108 hits, 42 walks, 8 hit by pitch, 7 sac. flies OBP: (108+42+8)/(420+42+8+7)=158/477=.331

Challenge:  Which should we use to measure the effectiveness of an offensive player – the batting average or the OBP?  Have your child think about what this question is asking…and remember that being a strong offensive player means getting on base, even with a walk, so OBP would be the answer!

Have fun with math!

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